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The complete poems of Rupert Brooke

  • Autor: Brooke, Rupert
  • Editorial: Pomona Press

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This volume contains the complete poetical works of Rupert Brooke. Brooke's beautifully haunting poetry will appeal to all keen poetry lovers, but will be of special value to those with an interest in war poetry, and specifically poetry relating to the First World War. This wonderful volume makes for a worthy addition to any bookshelf, and is not to be missed by collectors of Brooke's seminal work.

The poems contained herein include: 'Second Best', 'Day that I have Loved', 'Sleeping Out - Full Moon', 'In Examination', 'Pine-Trees and the Sky: Evening', 'Wagne'r, 'The Vision of the Archangels', 'Seaside On the Death of Smet-Smet', 'The Song of the Pilgrims' and many more. Rupert Chawner Brooke (1887 1915) was an English poet known for his idealistic war sonnets written during the First World War, especially 'The Soldier'. This volume was first published in 1914, and is being republished now complete with a new specially commissioned biography of the author."


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  • Año de edición: 2014
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  • Páginas: 162
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  • ISBN: 9781406793772

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