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Polymers Chemistry and Physics of Modern Materials

  • Autor: Cowie, J.M.G.; Arrighi, Valeria
  • Editorial: CRC Press


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•Covers new polymerization methods including nitroxide mediated polymerization, atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP), reverse ATRP, reversible addition fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT), metallocene catalysts
•Expands upon synthetic methods used to prepare copolymers and complex molecular architecture such as dendrimers
•Expands coverage of characterization techniques for molar mass determination (GPC and MALDI), and rheological behavior
•Discusses experimental methods including SAXS and SANS and surface techniques for studies of chain dimensions, structure, and morphology
•Includes examples and an extensive list of problems at the end of each chapter along with a separate solutions manual for qualifying course adoptions

Extensively revised and updated to keep abreast of recent advances, Polymers: Chemistry and Physics of Modern Materials, Third Edition continues to provide a broad-based, high-information text at an introductory, reader-friendly level that illustrates the multidisciplinary nature of polymer science. Adding or amending roughly 50% of the material, this new edition strengthens its aim to contribute a comprehensive treatment by offering a wide and balanced selection of topics across all aspects of the chemistry and physics of polymer science, from synthesis and physical properties to applications.

Although the basics of polymer science remain unchanged, significant discoveries in the area of control over molecular weight, macromolecular structure and architecture, and the consequent ability to prepare materials with specific properties receive extensive mention in the third edition. Expanded chapters include controlled radical polymerizations, metallocene chemistry, and the preparation of block and graft copolymers, as well as multiarmed and dendritic structures. Reflecting the growth of polymer applications in industry, the book presents detailed examples to illustrate polymer use in electronic, biological, and medical settings. The authors introduce new understandings of rheological behavior and replace old and outmoded methods of polymer characterization with new and up-to-date techniques. Also new to this edition are a series of problems at the end of each chapter that will test whether the reader has understood the various points and in some cases expand on that knowledge. An accompanying solutions manual is also available for qualifying course adoptions.

Offering the highest quality, comprehensive coverage of polymer science in an affordable, accessible format, Polymers: Chemistry and Physics of Modern Materials, Third Edition continues to provide undergraduate and graduate students and professors with the most complete and current coverage of modern polymer science.


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  • Año de edición: 2007
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  • Páginas: 520
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  • ISBN: 9780849398131

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