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Genetic screening from newborns to DNA typing

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Dramatic advances in recombinant DNA technology are about to bring fundamental changes in genetic screening. As clinically oriented researchers pursue dozens of disease genes, basic scientists dazzle us with new technologies, one of the most important being the polymerase chain reaction. The questions accompanying screening scenarios seem to amplify at a rate approaching that of the polymerase chain reaction. Genetic Screening: From Newborns to DNA Typing arrives at a crucial moment to help us confront these and many other questions. It is the work product of two dozen leading authorities in the field of newborn screening who gathered to focus their thoughts intensively on the present state of screening and to formulate principles to guide the practice of neonatal screening in the next decade. The book is logically organized and presents much valuable material, examines the more recent experiences in screening for congenital diseases, ascertaining HIV seroprevalence, and raises important ethical and legal questions.


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