Beyond Equilibrium Thermodynamics

  • Autor: Öttinger, Hans Christian
  • Editorial: Wiley


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Nonequilibrium thermodynamics has emerged as a promising new field of study dealing with irreversible processes in matter, and is fundamental to understanding these systems on a wide range of length scales, including the micro- or nanoscopic level. Many of the most cutting-edge technological applications within this field require a fully nonlinear framework far from equilibrium. To create a unified framework that accommodates such needs, author Hans Christian ¿tinger presents a new paradigm—beyond equilibrium thermodynamics. In addition to being based on the latest developments, Beyond Equilibrium Thermodynamics is itself a significant development in the field. This groundbreaking text presents the first comprehensive approach to thermodynamics and statistical methods far from equilibrium. It clearly explains physical concepts, describes mathematics, and presents problems and solutions. In defining the new paradigm of beyond equilibrium thermodynamics, this book has the potential for opening a new field in the study of irreversible processes.


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  • Año de edición: 2005
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