Essentials of Health Economics

  • Autor: Dewar, Diane M.
  • Editorial: Jones and Bartlett Publishers


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Essentials of Health Economics, Second Edition examines the public health care system through the lens of economic theory. Through the use of numerous examples and profiles related to the field, students will learn the importance health economics and its relevance to more general analysis of health policy issues. This text is ideal for courses in programs of public health, health administration, and allied health professions as it conveys the essence of the economic issues at hand while avoiding complicated methodological issues that would interest only students of economics. Written with the non-specialist in mind, the book focuses on how to do descriptive, explanatory and evaluative economics in a systematic way. The Second Edition features: * Highly accessible content * Ideal for students with a modest quantitative background * Real world examples throughout, giving the student hands-on experience in actual policy-related issues as economic concepts are introduced. * Comprehensive coverage of the specifics of the health care markets, the evaluation of health care services delivered, and health care reform * Updated statistics and references throughout * New chapters on Noncompetitive Market Models and Market Failures; International Health System Issues and Reform; and National and State Health Care Reforms Instructor Resources: Instructor's Manual, PowerPoint Lecture Slides, Test Bank


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