MRI. Basic Principles and Applications

  • Autor: Dale, Brian M; Brown, Mark A; Semelka, Richard C
  • Editorial: Wiley-Blackwell


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MRI. Basic Principles and Applications

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This fifth edition of the most accessible introduction to MRI principles and applications from renowned teachers in the field provides an understandable yet comprehensive update. * Accessible introductory guide from renowned teachers in the field * Provides a concise yet thorough introduction for MRI focusing on fundamental physics, pulse sequences, and clinical applications without presenting advanced math * Takes a practical approach, including up-to-date protocols, and supports technical concepts with thorough explanations and illustrations * Highlights sections that are directly relevant to radiology board exams * Presents new information on the latest scan techniques and applications including 3 Tesla whole body scanners, safety issues, and the nephrotoxic effects of gadolinium-based contrast media


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  • Año de edición: 2015
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