An introduction to Applied Linguistics

An introduction to Applied Linguistics

  • Autor: Norbert. Schmitt
  • Editorial: Arnold


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'An Introduction to Applied Linguistics' is one of the first books to provide a complete and authoritative overview of the current state of the field. Each of the 15 chapters offers an extended survey of a central element of Applied Linguistics and is co-authored by two leading international specialists, thus ensuring a full and balanced treatment of every topic covered.

The book's wide coverage of applied linguistics is divided into three sections: a description of language and language use, essential areas of enquiry in applied linguistics, and the four skills and testing. An introductory chapter familiarises readers with the key issues in the field and alerts them to recurrent themes running throughout the volume.

Following this initial orientation, chapters begin with a short summary describing the essence of their areas, then move to a substantial overview of that area's key concepts, issues, insights, and pedagogical implications.

'Hands-on' practical analysis is promoted through the provision of data sets for readers to investigate using the concepts and research methodologies described in each chapter.

Authors suggested solutions are included at the end of the book. With its accessible style, broad coverage and practical focus, this new textbook is an ideal introduction to the field of applied linguistics and second language learning for both postgraduate and undergraduate students as well as practising teachers and researchers.


  • Nº de edición: 3
  • Año de edición: 2010
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  • Año de reimpresión: 0
  • Dimensiones: 24X16X2
  • Páginas: 342
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  • ISBN: 9780340984475
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