General Relativity. An Introduction for Physicists

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General Relativity. An Introduction for Physicists

  • Autor: Hobson, M. P.; Efstathiou, G.P.; Lasenby, Anthony
  • Editorial: Cambridge University Press



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General Relativity: An Introduction for Physicists provides a clear mathematical introduction to Einstein's theory of general relativity. It presents a wide range of applications of the theory, concentrating on its physical consequences. After reviewing the basic concepts, the authors present a clear and intuitive discussion of the mathematical background, including the necessary tools of tensor calculus and differential geometry. These tools are then used to develop the topic of special relativity and to discuss electromagnetism in Minkowski spacetime. Gravitation as spacetime curvature is then introduced and the field equations of general relativity derived. After applying the theory to a wide range of physical situations, the book concludes with a brief discussion of classical field theory and the derivation of general relativity from a variational principle. Written for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, this approachable textbook contains over 300 exercises to illuminate and extend the discussion in the text.

Clear introduction to the mathematical background to general relativity
A discussion of a wide range of physical applications of the theory
Self-contained accounts of cosmology and the creation of structure in the universe, and of classical field theory
Includes 368 exercises to help students grasp material


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  • Año de edición: 2006
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  • ISBN: 9780521829519
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