Introduction to Carbon Technologies

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Introduction to Carbon Technologies

  • Autor: Marsh, H.; Heintz, E.A; Rodriguez Reinoso, F.
  • Editorial: Universidad de Alicante



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Currently, the subject areas of carbon and graphite materials, their manufacture, properties and applications need to be described, comprehensively, in book format, at an up-to-date and introductory level. This book introduces the reader to such carbon materials as active carbons, carbons as catalyst supports, carbon blacks, synthetic graphites, anode carbon, carbon fibre/matrix carbon composites, as well as coal-tar pich, concluding with a Chapter setting out "limits" in emissions of discharges into the atmosphere from these industries. The book is intended for students of, e.g., materials science, engineering materials, chemistry and technology of the environment, and serves both as a text-book and as a reference book. The availability of this text allows appropriate courses to be established within our educational institutions, worldwide.


  • Nº de edición:
  • Año de edición: 1997
  • Número de reimpresión:
  • Año de reimpresión: 0
  • Lugar: ESPAÑA
  • Dimensiones: 24X17X3
  • Páginas: 672
  • Soporte: Rustica
  • ISBN: 9788479083175

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