Techniques for Nuclear and Particle Physics Experiment. A How-to Approach

  • Autor: Leo, William R.
  • Editorial: Springer


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The book is based on a laboratory course in nuclear physics given to advanced students. It treats the experimental techniques and instrumentationmost often used in nuclear and particle physics experiments as well as in various other experimental sciences. It provides most useful results and formulae, technical know-how and informative details on -interactionof radiation in matter; - radion protection and radioactive sources; - statistics for the interpretation and analysis of data; - principles and operation of the main types of detectors (ionization, scintillation and semiconductor detectors); - nuclear electronics instrumentation (NIM, CAMAC); - various systems and techniques for experiments. Thanks to the author's long teaching experience the material is presented in a verypractical, hands-on way making the book a useful text and lab companion for students and experienced scientists.


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  • Año de edición: 1992
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