Expanding your english and creative skills through art and the humanities

  • Autor: Arroyo Vázquez, María Luz; Sánchez Suárez, María Eugenia
  • Editorial: UNED



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Expanding your english and creative skills through art and the humanities

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Are you interested in Art and the Humanities? Have you been learning English for a long time but do not have enough confidence to carry out tasks in these fields efficiently? Would you like to learn the necessary strategies and skills? Expanding your English and Creative Skills through Art and the Humanities has been designed for students or professionals who would like to use and improve their English in areas such as: history; art history; literature; film and media; and language, at an upper-intermediate or advanced level. This book integrates practice of the four skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing) and has been written from a holistic and humanistic approach. An important aspect that is emphasized is how to acquire intercultural competence in a globalized world. The approach is a very practical one. You will learn how to carry out tasks such as: commenting on artistic and multimedia materials, providing conservation advice, advertising a product or service..


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