American literature after 1900

  • Autor: García Lorenzo, María Magdalena
  • Editorial: UNED


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American Literature after 1900 is a text-book especially designed for students of ¿Literatura Norteamericana Contemporánea¿ ¿to be taken by fifth-year students of ¿Filología Inglesa¿ at UNED. This text-book offers a survey of the main authors, ideas and styles observed in twentieth-century American literature, as it relates them to the two paramount cultural moments of the period covered: Modernism and Postmodernism. It also comprises reading and analytical strategies for those literary texts required by the course. In addition to a number of self-assessing activities to test the student¿s progress, it encompasses discussion questions to expand the book¿s contents and associate them with such non-literary expressions as filmmaking.


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