Modeling and Analysis of Compositional Data

  • Autor: Vera Pawlowsky–Glahn; Egozcue, Juan José; Tolosana-Delgado, Raimon
  • Editorial: Wiley



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Modeling and Analysis of Compositional Data

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Compositional Data Modeling and Analysis presents a comprehensive, practical introduction to compositional data analysis along with numerous examples to illustrate both the theory and application of each method. Based on short courses taught by the authors, it provides a complete and current compendium of fundamental to advanced methodologies along with end-of-chapter exercises to enhance understanding, as well as data and a solutions manual that is available on an accompanying website. Complementing Pawlowsky-Glahn's previous collective text providing an overview of the state of the art in this field, Compositional Data Modeling and Analysis fills a gap in the literature for a much-needed manual for teaching, self-study, or consulting. .


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