Talk To Me In Korean - Level 4

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Talk To Me In Korean - Level 4

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Talk To Me In Korean Level 4 is a Korean language learning textbook which introduces spoken style Korean sentences which can be used everyday in real life as soon as they are learned. The lessons are short, clear, and easily digestible without a teacher or formal lessons. Each lesson can be reviewed with the help of sample dialogues and quizzes. With the lessons included in the Level 4 textbook, you can make your Korean sentences even more flexible, and learn how to say things like "It can't be true", "You don't have to ...", "to end up doing something", among many other really useful things. This book has a set of MP3 files available for * download at which include all major vocabulary words, sample sentences, and dialogues used throughout the book. If you need additional review or supplemental material to practice what you have learned in the Level 4 book, please pick up a copy of the Talk To Me In Korean Level 4 Workbook!


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